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Edi Rock's Paranoia
Music Video

Edi Rock had just released his new album (Origens Parte 2: Ontem, Hoje e Amanhã), an authentic work with sharp critiques and heavy partnerships, and was looking for a different approach to a music video that would promote one of his tracks.


Kicking off with this very straightforward request and complete creative freedom, Casa Locomotiva put together a team and had the opportunity to pick out a song for the job.


To be trippin’ while stuck in paranoia


Paranoia, by Edi Rock feat MC Sombra, was the chosen track that served as a guide throughout the creative process. We started out really trippin’, brainstorming and putting hundreds of ideas on paper, and collectively drafting a script.


We used the visual language of comic books as style reference, leaning towards a darker side and resuming a lot of the 90s aesthetic. Animated music videos, such as Pearl Jam's "Do the Evolution", highly inspired this stage of the project.


Our team of artists worked for 3 months, going through rounds of sketches, moodboard and animatic, in order to achieve a neat animation result, using motion graphics techniques as well as the traditional frame by frame.

Diversity of techniques


In addition to the animation, the music video features live action, 3D compositions and a special attention to the sound effects.


In only one day of shooting, we recorded Edi Rock and MC Sombra right here, at Casa Locomotiva, and relied on our partner Toca Hub for sound mixing and recording assistance.

The final result of the Paranoia music video, which already has more than 740 thousand views on YouTube, can be seen here:

video clipe paranoia
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