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The Silent

Analog techniques in the creation of Chico Felitti’s new podcast

We were invited to develop the cover of the podcast “A Silensiosa”, the newest from Chico Felitti.

Embracing the investigative atmosphere and the analog techniques world, composite photography was used by combining a slide projector and carefully adjusted light manipulation.

In a world increasingly commanded by digital techniques and artificial intelligence, analog techniques bring a whole differential to image production. By providing a tactile and physical experience, these techniques allow a deeper connection with the creative process, generating unique and personal images.

Furthermore, the distinguished aesthetics, the unpredictability of the results and the temporary disconnection from the digital world are characteristics that sum value to the analog images production, offering a valuable means of artistic expression.

“A Silensiosa” is a partnership between Pfizer and Chico Felitti, in which the reporter investigates the life of people who live with a mystery on their blood. People just like him and many others across Brazil. The podcast is available on all ofthe digital platforms.


Agency: DM9

Campaign: A Silenciosa

Announcer: Pfizer


Ceo:Pipo Calazans

Cco: Ícaro Doria 

Coo: Thomas Tagliaferro 

Creation VP:  Laura Esteves

Executive Creative Director: Nina Marchetto Lucato

Creation: Leonardo Marques, Lucas Moreira Martins, Ygor Silva, Renato Maroni, Luisa Muniz

Design Director: Nickolas Andreas

Cbo: Michel Issa

Business Director: Ana Claudia Benini

Customer Service: Victhória Azcuaga e Liana Kim

Projects: Evelma Silva, Gabriela Mesquita, Gabriela Guerreiro e Daniela Maciel

Media Director: Renata Valio

Media development: Denise Hermann e Ellen Braz

Planning: Gustavo Aoyagi e Miguel Souza

Creative Production: Anna Ferraz, Thais Cesena Gutierrez e Sthephany Nascimento

Customer Approval: Priscilla Lorenzo, Kauan Muchiutte, Elisabete Matias, Natalia Tonelo, Camila Leite,  Claudenice Souza e Natalia Costa

Journalist and Podcast Productor: Chico Felitti

Producer: Estúdio Casa Locomotiva

Creative Director: Evandro Malgueiro

Post Production: Amanda Oliveira

Making of: Gabriel Barboza

Customer Service: Victória Elizabeth

Executive Producer: Flávia Passos

Model: Milena Gomes

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