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Outbackverse at
Comic Con

Comic Con Experience (CCXP) is the biggest pop culture festival out there, a Brazilian pride that has been growing more and more in each of its editions and reaching new audiences.

In 2020 and 2021, when the entire planet had to adapt its activities, the convention reinvented itself in two online editions that were bigger than ever: CCXP Worlds. Outback Brasil entered this bold global project as the event's official restaurant, throwing its own dash of bold flavor to mark its participation.

And what a mark! In these two years we've produced everything from Instagram stories to GTA skins, executing every idea from the Outback creative teams. Check out this timeline:


2020: Call to Action (CTA)

This whole story began back in November 2020, when agencies Santa Clara and VMLY&R approached us to create the script and illustrate the characters that Outback would be known for during all of these events.


The restaurant related to the geek audience in their own language, conceiving an original comic book packed with influences from the nerd universe. Our first production was a CTA video calling on people to collaborate in the development of the comics. 

War Room

Collaborate? Precisely, dear followers. We were behind the very first comic book produced interactively in real time via Instagram!


Throughout the three days of CCXP Worlds, we brought together agencies, clients and the Casa Locomotiva team right here, in our Studio, and broadcast this War Room live with the help of our partner Toca Hub.


We streamed a total of 30 hours, directly at Outback's CCXP homepage, showing in real time our artists complete creation of the comics. We illustrated 2 to 3 pages per hour, until we reached decisive points in the story whose unfolding was defined by the public voting on insta!

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 17.10.10.png

Outback Multiverse

This interactive operation resulted in the first saga of the OUTBACK MULTIVERSE Comic Book. It had original burgers, diverse characters, complex villains, and entire narrative arcs that were developed in 02 weeks of work, illustrated in 03 days of live streams and ultimately determined by more than 85 thousand user interactions. After the event, we refined the full comic for official publication on the restaurant's website:

The project’s boldness inspired us not to shy away from the challenge and the result was definitely worth it (not to mention all of the burgers #recebidinhos), fast forwarding to the following year and we are back without hesitation for a bigger and more energetic strategy for the second saga.

2021… what’s next?

This time around, we continued the comics’ production with our neighbors from Ampfy and were once again a part of CCXP Worlds!


The first step was reminding audiences of what the previous year’s activities tasted like. In addition to a recap video recalling the adventures our heroes had lived, we also produced an animation for each character anticipating a little bit of what they were about to go through. To each creator their own Time Stone, right?


Check out where Aussie, Leo, Tás, and Sidney ended up:

Outback Metaverse

Yes, right after making history with an interactive comic on Instagram, the boss literally leveled up and sent the characters to the metaverse, users became players and the interaction took place directly in an epic game that defined the next steps of our comic book.


Combined with JNTO's technological expertise, Outback Brasil became the first restaurant to enter GTA Cidade Alta, simply the largest role playing server in Latin America, and this virtual environment was populated with some skins made after our protagonists.

During CCXP21, Cidade Alta players were able to put on these skins and be part of a special mission to save Outback's virtual restaurant from the forces of evil.

The rest of the story unfolded inside GTA itself and the great villain was defeated by the teamwork of all users who participated in the mission.