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One Bic Pen Poster

Ten artists participated in this challenge that had no limits towards creativity, but had an inflexible restriction of materials: we worked with the defiant proposal of elaborating our drawings with a blue ballpoint pen on a sheet of paper measuring 1.20 x 1.75m.

more than a pen


The campaign, which took place in the city of Sao Paulo, was commissioned by Y&R Brazil and we were invited by our partners at Norte Agency to participate. One Bic's premise was to see, without any kind of briefing as to the content of the illustrations, how far we could go with just a blue pen.

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Scribbling with a Bic pen, whether during class or a meeting, on a pad, a bill, an all star or on the walls, is something that is done daily by lots of people. The campaign turned doodles typically categorized as boredom or idleness into a unique opportunity to bring art to the city's streets.


The artworks were displayed on bus stop shelters alongside the completely emptied used pens and a technical sheet. This quasi-museological presentation occupied in the city a space that is traditionally reserved for advertising of brands, products or services.


And after all, how far did we go?

Shortlisted at the Cannes Lions  


Fill, depth, texture, light and shadow were all done with Bic. The skills and detailing that the artists of Casa Locomotiva delivered to accomplish the challenge resulted in three posters recognized by the Industry Craft shortlist of Cannes Lions 2018!

Parts of this unconventional creative process were documented in the campaign video, showing a bit of the inspiration behind the result.

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