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From the dentist's chair to the climax of a sweet journey

Conceived and directed by our creative directors Shun Izumi and Benson Chin, NHAC! is the result of Locolab #2, a collaborative project between the artists at Estudio Casa Locomotiva.

In this short, we follow an incorrigible middle-aged man who is terrified of the dentist but never resists the temptation.

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A surreal universe inspired by everyday life.

The animation evolves from two primary colors to a colorful and playful world. The character gets trapped in a time loop inspired by works such as "Groundhog day" (1993).

Drinking from the fountain of 2000s animations and HQs, mixed with the authenticity of our illustrators, "NHAC!" represents the production capacity of our Studio.

Besides the frame-by-frame animation and some motions, the sound design, dubbing, and mixing received special attention.

The soundtrack was produced by "3 Cruzeiros", specially created for our short film, and the voice recording was done at Estúdio Jacarandá with the actor Reinaldo Rodrigues. All this was mixed and edited by the skillful hands of our Gabriel Barboza.

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Directors: Benson Chin, Shun Izumi

Screenwriting: Benson Chin

Art Director: Shun Izumi
Production Design: Shun Izumi
Editing: Shun Izumi  

Producers: Flávia Passos, Isabella Ricchiero

Animation: Benson Chin, Shun Izumi, Rafaela Cantarella, Julia Balthazar, Fernanda Fonseca, Henrique Lobato

Voice: Reinaldo Rodrigues

Sound Design: Gabriel Barboza

Sound Track: 3cruzeiros

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