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Nhá Benta 70 years

Wafer, marshmallow, chocolate


The classic Kopenhagen recipe has crossed generations. Sharing a little of Nhá Benta’s history on its 70th anniversary, the brand counted on Casa Locomotiva Studio to illustrate the most remarkable events of each decade.


SPOILER ALERT: we're talking from the development of church wafers in the 50's (yes!!!) to the many new flavors that have occupied shelves in the 21st century.


70 years in 07 posters

The illustrations outlined significant events in the chronology of Nhá Benta using the style of each era! There were assorted flavors of designs and techniques for the taste of each generation.


To ensure the uniqueness of each poster and the authenticity of each style, we curated some illustrators who were already developing artistic pieces within their respective visual expressions and were able to bring to the final result some of their authorial work.

Conception of the name Nhá Benta, expansion to other states and even abroad, invention of new fillings… life became art in the hands of Shun Izumi, Breno Ferreira, Giovanna Cianelli, Benson Chin, Renoir Santos and Ryan Smallman.

That’s so 2020s


Final ingredient: influencers.


The 07 posters created by Casa Locomotiva composed the packaging of the 70th anniversary edition of the product. As part of the campaign signed by our partners at the Artplan agency, a group of celebrities was presented with special boxes for Nhá Benta's celebration. If it's on the internet, it's true!

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