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Na Quebrada Poster

The feature


Na Quebrada was released in 2014, directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade and distributed by Paris Filmes. The feature film stars Felipe Simas, Gero Camilo, Monica Bellucci and includes the participation of inmates who are members of the theater group Do Lado de Cá.


Based on true stories, the film follows the trajectory of a group of young people from the lower class, residents of the favelas of Sao Paulo, who find within cinema mechanisms of resistance, overcoming and expression.


Retouching and matte painting done on the film's poster were carried out by Casa Locomotiva Studio back in 2014, making the poster one of the studio's very first projects. See below how it all unfolded!

The poster


As part of a very collaborative creation, Casa Locomotiva was responsible for finalizing the poster in partnership with Zombie Studio and the ALMAP/BBDO agency. We performed the treatment of images, texturing and application of photographs.


Our first step was to unite the 3D ladder, produced by Zombie Studio, and the pictures taken of the actors in the film, working on the cropping and positioning of the images.


Once the setting was complete, we moved on to an essential image treatment that results in a unified impression of the whole thing. The yellowish general light, for example, equalizes the ambient light and consolidates the feeling that the actors are in fact positioned on the stairs.


Finally, we applied some more textures, adjusted the contrast and added the textual information.


To complete the composition, a careful search was made of images of houses in the communities. Lots of stairs, clotheslines hanging from the windows, bricks on display, and elements that are common in the reality of Brazilian favelas were selected to represent the scenery of the poster. The objects were applied and then "fused" on the stairs with the help of shadows and volumes, which deliver a more natural and integrated aspect.


The matte painting


This step by step really highlights the evolution of the poster, doesn’t it? With matte painting, it is possible for us to create this maze based on Escher's stairs and bring its concept very realistically into the setting.


Post-production is always very important, but in artworks with too many assets, as in the poster for Na Quebrada, this kind of finalization becomes fundamental to guarantee the ambiance and harmony between all the elements.

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