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Easter Eggs by JEEP

Jeep knows how engaging Easter Eggs can be and loves working with them.


Some examples are a small Salamander, which sits just below the front windshield wipers, and a tiny Loch Ness Monster, hidden in the rear window of all Jeep Compass models. Some cars even have a Tyrannosaurus on their windows chasing a Jeep Willys that is chasing a Bigfoot! It gets crazy.

The start of the hunt for Easter Eggs


The F. biz agency had the idea to bring these fun Easter Eggs to digital through a kind of 100% virtual scavenger hunt, which involved:

  • the first Jeep campaign to embed a QR Code in television ads;

  • a bot specially designed by the brand to talk to the public;

  • exclusive prizes for the first explorers who unraveled this mystery.


Feeling captivated? Read on to find out where the Easter Eggs ended up.

Illustrated posters


We, who love to illustrate, innovate and seek the best possible results for our partner brands, were in charge of producing the grand prize: posters with illustrations of the exotic and mythological animals that are hidden on the brand's products.


Our mission was to give a special touch full of personality to the illustrations. Casa Locomotiva selected a group of four different artists to represent these animals, each artist creating their own visual narratives for the little monsters and producing within their individual styles, resulting in a unique set of posters for the awards.

Just as the Easter Eggs, each illustration was unique

Shun Izumi’s Lake Ness Monster blends a more traditional oriental style, taking after Hokusai, with the modernity of pop manga representing the confrontation between nature and its monster, and JEEP’s technology. It feels like the Jeep Compass is about to burst out the painting, doesn't it?

Zansky’s Salamander, as seen in his previous works in silkscreen, uses only three overlapping colors, creating a graphic pattern with textures of different types of foliage and flowers so that the central figures stand out. It stood out so much that the artwork earned a Silver Award from the 46th Creation Club Yearbook.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee and BigFoot poster was not left out, also being on the 46th Creation Club Yearbook. This dramatic counter-plongee composition was made by Breno Ferreira with the hatching technique, complemented by an impactful dense black coloring, an approach frequently used in his production of comics.

Lastly, Benson Chin’s T-Rex is situated in a highly revisited scenery in the artist’s more personal pieces, that is a fictional prehistoric volcano jungle setting in which a JEEP is on its way to confront an enraged T-Rex. The fun little twist is that, regardless of the earthly confrontation, an approaching asteroid is about to come join them.