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Jeep 80 years:
Adventures Inspired by True Stories

We associate Jeep with adventures and travelers who will always have a different story to tell.


No wonder, to celebrate the brand's 80th anniversary we made a very special project that illustrated adventures inspired by true stories.

How it all started: the famous War Room

It all started with a challenge posted on Jeep's Facebook page, asking fans to share their stories with the brand. Certainly you can imagine that some pretty amazing stories came out of this post, right? And they sure did!


These fun and unexpected reports were illustrated live by Casa Locomotiva. Below are some of the artworks we did while in the War Room alongside the F.Biz agency team, responsible for planning the campaign:

Illustrated Tales with Jeep


Four stories were selected to develop into illustrated tales in a book commemorating the 80th Jeep anniversary.


Writer Cris Lisboa was in charge of the narratives and we, at Casa Locomotiva, took care of all the illustrations, portraying in a fun and playful way these remarkable stories of Jeep fans.


Spoilers: we’re talking road trip to Machu Picchu, a race competition between brides, an impulsive purchase of a Renegade that yielded a unique job opportunity and even childbirth!