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Endless Possibilities

A “very successful case” may objectively be the one that gathers some awards around the globe, or that one campaign so impactful that everyone has heard of it, or, who knows, might be that giant project that featured dozens of creative minds and many, many hands.


Endless Possibilities, by Getty Images, created by AlmapBBDO agency and produced by us with our partners at Vetor Zero, checks out each one of these boxes, but we particularly consider it a success due to the creative challenge that was proposed to us and the gratifying feeling in being able to deliver.


Show me a person, without actually using any image of them


The demand was to show celebrities with the slight obstacle of not using their pictures. Out of a million images available at the Getty Images’ library, about 10 to 15 photographs were meticulously selected to produce each famous face.  


Casa Locomotiva used editing and image treatment techniques to put together the faces of personalities such as Amy Winehouse, Angela Merkel, Angelina Jolie, the Dalai-Lama, James Brown, Pope Francis and Prince Charles.


Ultimately, the political and religious leaders were elected for the campaign, presenting a sensitive result that assembles people in positions of power and influence out of ordinary citizens from different parts of the world.

Endless creativity


The immensity of the stock library and the great variety in its catalog are subtly revealed, in this project, by the use of creativity and technical knowledge.


It took four months of research and effort as well as a huge amount of images to reach the final result. The work was intense, as were its results.


We revel in working with purposeful customers and are truly grateful to all of our Endless Possibilities partners! The project had such a powerful creative energy that it won the world, won advertising awards and won a little place in our hearts.


Check out the repercussion:



★Print & Publishing GOLD

★Outdoor/Indoor Posters GOLD

★Outdoor/Art Direction SILVER

★Print/Craft/Art Direction SILVER

★Digital Craft SILVER

★Direct/Sectors BRONZE

★Integrated/Campaign BRONZE


★GOLD Poster

★Integrated/Campaign GOLD

★Art Direction GOLD

★Print GOLD

★Digital/Mobile BRONZE

★ BRONZE Commercials

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