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Mafram Maracanã’s
Exu é Rei Music Video

We sought to bring in the debut music video of the percussionist Mafram Maracanã a visual that would impress and, at the same time, contribute to the symbology of the themes of the song.


The unique combination of language, cinematography and editing shows the strength of Casa Locomotiva's creative work when it comes to making the video for "Exu é Rei".

Mirror shards: a reflection of the artist's work


Filming took place right here in our studio and, right from the shooting, each take was framed by a shard of mirror.


In practice, the use of shards facilitated production, optimizing resources for location, scenery and direction. On the other hand, the choice was quite challenging on set, because we had to calculate how the artists' movement during the performance would be captured by the camera from the perspective reflected by the mirror!


Each shard was filmed individually, resulting in an incredible total of over 100 takes for the duration of the song. It may seem easy to shoot just over three minutes of video, but looks can be deceiving!


Colors and kaleidoscopes for Exu


Nano Cunha's cinematography was essential to the video’s visual composition. Fundamentally red and black, the colors of Exu were combined with the aesthetic of the mirror shards and the movement of the camera.


When we got to the editing and post-production stage, the challenge was to incorporate all these takes and visual elements in a fluid way, leading the viewer along an upward path, integrating reflections and kaleidoscopes.


Sound and vision in complete synergy


Conceptually, the mirrors carry, in the video, the ideas of ego dissolution and the multiplicity of paths. This synergy between language, image and theme is an important element when it comes to music videos, which adds visuals to sound and melody.


“Producing music videos makes for an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the production of other artists, in addition to the great challenge of adding a visual element to a song”, says Gota.a, our director at Casa Locomotiva, responsible for creating and directing the video.

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